Broken Tool Remover Pen

One hand operation

Seize the impossible

Dental tool for removing broken canal instruments.

Look deeper, see more

BTR PEN is the real foundation and true support in the work of every dentist.

BTR Pen 0:25

Made of damge-resistand surgical steel.

Difficult case 0:49

Working with BTR Pen is simple and clean, see how it looks in practice.

Preparation to work 4:15

Working with BTR Pen is simple, see how it work in practice.

How to dismantle the BTR Pen? 1:07

See how to dismantle the BTR Pen.

How to assemble the BTR Pen? 1:07

See how to assemble the BTR Pen in few simple steps.

Discover the true strength of BTR Pen 0:55

See how strong our nitinol thread is.

Welcome to BTR Pen training year!

The 2021 it’s

the BTR Pen training year!

11 February 2020

President of the Republic of Poland Andrzej Duda and BTR Pen

A unique event took place on the 16th of January in Stalowa Wola - the exhibition “From Central Industrial District (COP) to Economy 4.0” with the participation of the President…

Get ready for work comfort

The best materials. High precision of work. No compromises.

Nitinol wire (the loop)
• pioneer material of the future, for medicine and dentistry, called ‘inteligent material’
• it shows the ability of a shape memory – in an appropriate temperature it can go back to it’s original shape
• the wire’s diameter is smaller than 0,1 mm and the stretching resistance is in a range of thousand megapascals (MPa)
Inside O-ring stabilizing the body of the tool
• made of high quality silicone VMQ, resistant to extreme temperatures from -55°C do 200°C
• High resistance to hot air, ozone, oxidizing agents, UV radiation
• High resistance to ageing under the influance of water (doesn’t show the change of hardness in Shore’s scale of aeging in water – test 70 hours/ 100° C)
The way of making
• precise motion method used in a CNC machine
• allows high measurement precision
• very effective method of forming elements of round and cylindrical shapes
• the final polishing made the tool smooth, shiny, and visually attractive
Steel elements of a body
• surgical stainless steel also called INOX or jeweler steel
• it shows higher anticorrosive properties than chrome-nickel steel
• the anticorrosive level is same as ship’s hull
• the chemical ingridients are giuded by the strict norms
• it has the addicion of chemical element Molybdenum
• thinest avaliabe on the market diameter (0,3 mm) – the broken instrument can be removed even through a very small hole in a root canal

Ready to work set

BTR Pen provides a complex solution for a problem of broken endodontic files. All elements of the kit were thought through, matched and constructed of a high-quality materials. Thanks to this, our tool gives a universal solution for all types of cases.

See what you get in the set:

  • BTR PEN tool – 1 pc
  • BTR PEN calibrator – 1pc
  • BTR PEN tip with a loop – 5 pcs
  • BTR PEN spring (soft and hard) – 2 pcs (Third spring, medium, is fitted on the tool)
  • BTR PEN O-ring – 3 pcs

Designed by dentists

The tool combines new technology, fine quality and effective work. BTR Pen makes the removal of broken dental instruments a predictable, universal and repeatable procedure.

Ultrathin tip of nitinol

The usage of the ultrathin and highly-elastic working tip, togehter with ultimate-endurance nitinol loop, makes it easy to get to the broken canal instrument. The tool allows certain grip and safe removal of the broken canal instrument regardless of it’s possition in the canal.



Lifetime warranty

Ergonomic and comfortable handle equipped with grooves facilitating a secure hand grip

Replaceable tip

with nitinol loop

The combination of a thin and highly elastic needle of Ø 0,3 mm with nitinol loop



Made from high quality surgical stainless steel

Shape memory

Tensile strength

Easiness in insertion into narrow and bent canals