BTR Pen – Broken Tool Remover


The tool combines new technology, fine make and effectivness. BTR Pen makes removal of broken endodontic files a predictable, universal and repeatable practice.

Ultrathin and highly elastic working tip, together with nitinol loop, allows an easy access to the broken file. BTR Pen allows a solid grip and and safe removal of the broken file regardless it’s posittion in the root canal.

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BTR Pen provides a complex solution for a problem of broken endodontic files. All elements of the kit were thought through, matched and constructed of a high-quality materials. Thanks to this, our tool gives a universal solution for all types of cases.

See what you get in the set:

  • BTR PEN tool – 1 pc
  • BTR PEN calibrator – 1pc
  • BTR PEN tip 0,3 with a loop – 5 pcs
  • BTR PEN spring (soft and hard) – 2 pcs (Third spring, medium, is fitted on the tool)
  • BTR PEN O-ring – 3 pcs